Flying Out Roofing began in 1998 as a family owned business, geographically focused on the small towns of the North Western Oklahoma region. Specializing in residential roofing and construction projects, the company focused on an organic growth strategy that centered on customer service, quality and longevity. The goal was to build a company that outlived the roofs it was installing.

Flying Out Roofing has achieved Elite Installer Status with Duro-Last™ which allows us to offer a warranty that far exceeds any competing product in today’s market. This Elite Certification means that in addition to the standard material warranty, the manufacturer also offers a comprehensive consequential warranty that protects all items located inside the building. This mark of excellence compliments our strong roofing competencies.

Core Competencies

  • Installing commercial and residential roofs
  • Repairing commercial and residential roofs
  • Commercial construction services
  • Remodeling and construction consulting services
  • Duro-Last - Keeps buildings cooler while reducing heat-stress on rooftop equipment,
  • The most comprehensive warranty in the industry


Our accomplishments include over 2.5 million square feet of Duro-Last™ roofing installations and repairs. In addition we have completed over 3 million square feet of residential roofing work. This volume has taught the company the importance of quality and workmanship in all facets of this industry.

We are license and insured for $350,000 per job and $700,000 aggregate.

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