Products & Services

Flying Out Roofing, Inc. installs and repairs commercial and residential roofs and also offer commercial construction services, including new construction, remodeling and construction consulting services.

Our flag-ship product is our Duro-Last™ roof-coating. The highly reflective properties of Duro-Last™ help keep buildings cooler while reducing heat stress on rooftop equipment, which results in energy and maintenance cost reduction. Duro-Last™ also offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, including Consequential Damages for commercial applications. The Durolast™ prefabricated single-ply roofing system can be installed almost anytime throughout the year with little or no interruption to your daily activities. This extended roofing season allows projects to be completed within the allotted time and budget. Duro-Last™ requires no chemicals or open flames allowing for a safe environment inside of the building during installation.